Rabbit Fall

Rabbit Fall

Drama Series
Season 1 - 6 x 30
Season 2 - 8 x 30

Award nominated supernatural crime drama series, Rabbit Fall, explores the life of Constable Tara Wheaton when she comes face-to-face with the violent crimes and supernatural events that plague the remote northern town of Rabbit Fall.

For more information about the show, check out the show website at www.rabbitfall.com
Stage: Produced Season 1 & 2, in Development on Season 3
Genre: Supernatural Crime Drama
Broadcasters: Space, APTN and SCN
Distributed by: E1 Television International

The series has been nominated for two DGC Awards for Best Drama Team Award in 2008 and 2009, and a Best Actress Gemini nomination this year for Andrea Menard for the role of Constable Tara Wheaton.

For more information about the show, check out the show website at www.rabbitfall.com

News Releases

Rabbit Fall Season 3

Half-hour Dramatic Series (12 x 30)
In Development

In Season 3 Tara knows what her purpose is – Having chosen to embrace her destiny and live, Tara inexplicably recovers from her wounds and prepares for the battle that lies ahead. She becomes physically stronger; cuts and burns her hair to symbolize her rebirth; and learns more about her sacred connection to the land. But she still faces the threat of personal vengeance from her partner, Bob and his ally Simon who, as a Medicine Man with special powers, realizes that Tara is a healer with medicine more powerful than his.

Simon needs to find a source of power that will make him stronger than Tara so he can defeat her.  As Tara digs deeper, she relies more and more on her two only allies in Rabbit Fall, Zoe and Ollie – But as she gets closer to the nature of evil in Rabbit Fall, Zoe is also becoming vulnerable to it.

Meanwhile, Ollie continues to search for a scientific explanation for the paranormal activity present in town. He also opens up to Tara about his past. As Ollie’s trust for Tara grows, so does the connection between them….But all changes when a mysterious stranger with a dark purpose comes to Rabbit Fall.

Rabbit Fall Season 2

Half-hour Dramatic Series (8 x 30)
Produced in 2008

In Season 2, Tara continues to investigate heinous crimes while her experiences with the supernatural lead her into another dimension; in fact, spirits begin to interact with her – both good spirits and evil ones. Tara’s interactions have a purpose – she’s on a quest, willing or not, to learn about her familial connection to the Satawak people; a spiritually advanced nation slaughtered in cold blood on the land Rabbit Fall sits… and evil has dominated ever since.

Tara fears the answer is held by Simon Blackhorse, the illusive medicine man she is determined to put behind bars.  His bad medicine dominates due to the duality of the land; it’s both sacred and deadly. This creates a level of mystery and suspense that adds difficulty to Tara’s journey through the unknown - is she crazy or some kind of conduit to ancient history?

If Tara’s quest in the first season is about belief, in the second season she is committed to that belief.  Her attention is about the quest and uncovering what is wrong in the town of Rabbit Fall – the dark force that has brought her to fulfill her destiny.  This force has shown itself only to her and the whole town is beginning to feel its effects. Tara is pulled into the supernatural element and seems to be the only person that can affect change. Season two ends with Tara locked in a powerful battle between the current and ancient world, and between life and death.

Rabbit Fall Season 1

Half-hour Dramatic Series (6 x 30)
Produced in 2007

In Season 1, Constable Tara Wheaton had just arrived in Rabbit Fall, transferred from the big city because of a professional indiscretion.  She quickly found out that Rabbit Fall is not the picturesque, pleasant community the brochures make it out to be - bodies show up in hunting traps, missing tourists wash up on shore, and young women wind up dead along the roadside.

As suspicions rise and tensions grow, Tara discovers an even deeper divide in the community - between residents who believe a supernatural force has gripped them by the throat and those who point fingers at the neighbours among them.

Rabbit Fall Pilot

Half-hour Dramatic Pilot
Produced in 2006

After an indiscretion involving a case, police officer Tara Wheaton is punitively transferred to Rabbit Fall - a northern town on the edge of the boreal forest.   On the surface, Rabbit Fall appears to be your typically small, northern community.  But a malevolent force has a grip on its residents, the frightening nature of which Tara only begins to glimpse as she peels away the town's dark layers.